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So, the name’s Daan. I am a seasoned Head of Marketing and Product, currently employed by Alpha.One/expoze.io/Junbi.ai as one of the company directors.

In my role I manage the teams responsible for marketing and product related activities, solutions and aspects, including strategy, planning and development. Next to my role at Alpha.One, I run my own consultancy and advisory firm nxt | GEN.

With a background in Digital, Marketing and Media and a personal passion for Technology and Innovation my career has taken me in various directions over the last few years. Having been in roles and teams covering Customer Care, Marketing, Communications, IT/Technology and Product my skills and knowledge, combined with my passion and ability to solve even the most complex problems, allow me to work well in any of these domains especially in a connecting role, bridging multiple functions, or heading up cross functional teams.

If you are looking to build a digital-first team, strategy and ecosystem from the ground up, if you are looking to revise an existing architecture or if your company only needs a sanity check, I am your man.

You can find a full overview of all my roles at various employers by scrolling down.

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While I keep investing time and energy in learning new things and developing new/strengthening existing skills my most prominent skills are featured below. I work well in environments that hit one or multiple of the focus areas described, especially in a role focused on creating a link between multiple domains. 

Digital & Technology

Strategy & Development

Product & Innovation

Marketing & Communications

Product strategy
Digital Innovation
Business Strategy & modelling
Marketing & Communications strategy
Marketing & Product execution
Project & Product management



Over the years I have implemented and worked with tons of solutions. These include but are not limited to: